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1/30/15: Pittsburgh Penguins 2 New Jersey Devils 1 (OT)

1st Devils Goal (Bernier), Even

  • New Jersey Contributions
    M. Cammalleri – pressures Bortuzzo in the neutral zone, forcing him to play the puck up the boards right to Bernier for a turnover
    S. Bernier – gets the puck in the neutral zone from Bortuzzo, tries to chip it into the Penguins zone where it hits the linesman and drops in between he and Bortuzzo, picks the puck up again and gets a step on Bortuzzo to the outside, cuts behind the net, and perfectly wraps the puck inside the net before Fleury can get to the post
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    R. Bortuzzo – tries to play the puck off the boards in the neutral zone while being pressured by Cammalleri, but gives it away to Bernier, then loses his footing as Bernier skates past him with the puck and loses Bernier going behind the net
    M. Fleury – awkwardly stands up to stop  his momentum as Bernier is cutting behind the net instead of just sliding from post to post, so he’s late in getting to the post to stop Bernier
    S. Harrington – turns to the post that Bernier is wrapping the puck around to, but gets his stick caught on Fleury’s pad, so he can’t defend the wraparound and gets caught doing nothing

1st Penguins Goal (Kunitz), Powerplay

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    D. Perron – gets his own rebound at the left faceoff circle in the Devils zone and passes the puck to the left point for Letang
    K. Letang – skates the puck to the middle of the blue line and passes it to Crosby at the right faceoff dot
    S. Crosby – one-times Letang’s pass on net, where a rebound is produced and bounces to the slot
    C. Kunitz – gets his stick on the rebound in the slot first and chips the puck under the crossbar into the net
  • New Jersey Faults
    P. Harrold – in the penalty box for high-sticking

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12/29/14: New Jersey Devils 3 Pittsburgh Penguins 1

1st Penguins Goal (Crosby), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    S. Despres – recovers a dump-in by the Devils in the Penguins zone and moves the puck behind the net for Pouliot
    D. Pouliot – moves the puck up the right-side boards to Kunitz just inside the Penguins blue line
    C. Kunitz – carries the puck to the Penguins blue line and then passes it ahead for Crosby, who is skating by him entering the neutral zone with speed
    S. Crosby – carries the puck through the right side of the neutral zone, moves the puck underneath the stick Greene at the Devils blue line so Greene loses a step on him as he tries to turn, then carries the puck down to the right faceoff dot and takes a backhand shot that beats Schneider over his left shoulder just under the crossbar
  • New Jersey Faults
    A. Greene – gets beat and loses a step on Crosby as he challenges him 1-on-1 at the Devils blue line but can’t stop the puck or impede Crosby going past him

1st Devils Goal (Zajac), Powerplay

  • New Jersey Contributions
    T. Zajac – knocks Spaling off of the puck in the middle of the Penguins zone and knocks the puck over to Harrold at the left point (cont.), gets to the rebound at the inside corner of the right faceoff circle and flicks it over Fleury as he’s scrambling after making the initial save
    P. Harrold – loops around the left point to halfway down the left side-boards and passes the puck down to Zubrus in the left corner of the Penguins zone (cont.), gets the puck from Greene, looks to the net, then passes the puck back to Zidlicky
    D. Zubrus – moves the puck behind the net to Cammalleri in the right corner (cont.), redirects Zidlicky’s shot from the point so it hits Fleury’s pads and bounces out towards the right faceoff circle
    M. Cammalleri – passes the puck up to Zidlicky at the right point (cont.), fakes a one-timer from Greene’s pass and then passes it back to Zidlicky
    M. Zidlicky – fakes a one-timer, settles the puck down, and passes it to Harrold above the left faceoff dot (cont.), makes a one-touch pass off of Harrold’s pass over to Cammalleri above the right faceoff circle (cont.), one-times the pass from Cammalleri on net
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    A. Ebbett – in the penalty box for boarding
    N. Spaling – gets the puck in the middle of the zone, tries to stick-handle it, but loses control of it as Zajac knocks him off of the puck and steals it

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10/28/14: Pittsburgh Penguins 8 New Jersey Devils 3

1st Devils Goal (Zubrus), Even

  • New Jersey Contributions
    D. Severson – gets the puck off of the opening faceoff in the Devils zone and smacks it up the right-side boards to Jagr just outside the Penguins blue line
    J. Jagr – centers the puck for Zajac entering the Penguins zone as the Devils enter with a 3-on-2
    T. Zajac – immediately passes the puck to his left for Zubrus
    D. Zubrus – quickly takes a shot from a couple of feet above the left faceoff circle that ramps up off of Letang’s blade and beats Fleury’s glove into the top corner of the net
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    B. Sutter – can’t stop Severson’s pass along the boards, then loses his balance along the boards so he can’t get back into the play as the Devils enter the Penguins zone with a 3-on-2
    K. Letang – tries to stop the shot by Zubrus, but the puck ends up ramping off of his blade up high on Fleury

1st Penguins Goal (Comeau), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    P. Dupuis – intercepts Schneider’s pass below the goal line, then centers the puck to the crease, where it goes off of Schneider’s stick as he tries to recover
    B. Comeau – whacks the loose puck into the net before Schneider can get back into position
  • New Jersey Faults
    C. Schneider – goes behind his net to play the puck and blindly backhands it towards Merrill without seeing Dupuis coming in to intercept it, then tries to recover and deflects the puck towards Comeau in front

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10/18/14: San Jose Sharks 4 New Jersey Devils 2

1st Sharks Goal (Pavelski), Powerplay

  • San Jose Contributions
    P. Marleau – retrieves a rebound in the right corner of the Devils zone and moves it up to Couture next to the right faceoff circle (cont.), gets the puck from Couture and sends it to him again
    L. Couture – passes the puck back down to Marleau (cont.), gets the puck from Marleau and quickly passes it to Thornton behind the net (cont.), one-touches Thornton’s pass up to Burns high in the zone (cont.), one-times the pass from Burns to the net at a sharp angle, producing a rebound off of Schneider’s pads
    J. Thornton – holds the puck as the Devils collapse to the front of the net, then passes it back to Couture
    B. Burns – fakes a one-timer and passes the puck back to Couture instead
    J. Pavelski – has the rebound come directly to his stick and he flicks it past Schneider before he can recover
  • New Jersey Faults
    J. Merrill – in the penalty box for interference
    B. Salvador – skates away from Pavelski in the slot to block Couture’s shot, but misses it and then keeps skating in the wrong direction as the rebound goes to uncovered Pavelski for an easy goal

2nd Sharks Goal (Couture), Powerplay

  • San Jose Contributions
    B. Burns – stops Gionta’s clearing attempt at the left point so the puck stays along the boards (cont.), gets the puck from Thornton and passes it to Pavelski at the right point
    J. Thornton – picks up the loose puck along the left side boards after it hits Burns, then passes it down to Marleau in the left corner (cont.), gets the puck from Marleau and moves it to Burns at the left point
    P. Marleau – skates the puck below the goal line, loses it for a second, then gets it back and gives it to Couture in the left corner (cont.), gets the puck from Pavelski and makes a one-touch pass to Couture in the slot
    J. Pavelski – passes the puck down to Marleau to the right side of the net at the goal line
    L. Couture – quickly wrists the puck from the slot past Schneider’s glove
  • New Jersey Faults
    M. Cammalleri – in the penalty box for slashing
    S. Gionta – tries to clear the puck from the Devils zone and chips it into Burns at the point, allowing the Sharks to get possession
    A. Greene – gets caught too deep near the crease and can’t reach Couture in the slot for any type of coverage

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10/16/14: Washington Capitals 6 New Jersey Devils 2

1st Capitals Goal (Ovechkin), Even

  • Washington Contributions
    T. Brouwer – picks up the puck at the Capitals blue line after Greene fans on it, carries it down the right side of the neutral zone into the Devils zone, and puts a wrist shot on net from the right faceoff dot that produces a rebound
    A. Ovechkin – picks up the rebound at the inside upper edge of the left faceoff circle, carries it across the slot, and shoots a wrist shot from the inside edge of the right faceoff circle that beats Schneider’s blocker
  • New Jersey Faults
    A. Greene – tries to keep a puck in at the blue line of the Capitals zone and fans on the puck, allowing Brouwer to get the puck and skate past him, then isn’t in position to step up on Ovechkin shooting after using all of his energy to get back into the zone

1st Devils Goal (Severson), Even

  • New Jersey Contributions
    A. Greene – gets the puck in his own zone and passes it across to center ice for Havlat
    M. Havlat – keeps the puck moving forward with a pass to Jagr skating towards the Capitals zone
    J. Jagr – skates around Alzner on the zone entry and takes the puck down to the right corner, then skates back up the boards and passes the puck down to Zajac in the right corner (cont.), retrieves the puck that Zajac pushed behind the net and wins a battle to pass the puck in front for Cammalleri
    T. Zajac – pushes the puck behind the net (cont.), skates through the crease and gets the rebound, then passes it back to Severson above the right faceoff circle
    M. Cammalleri – one-times the puck in front of the net and is stopped by Holtby with a rebound in front
    D. Severson – winds up and takes a slapshot from the right point
  • Washington Faults
    T. Brouwer – doesn’t cover Cammalleri for the one-timer chance in front of the net that creates the rebound and the resulting goal

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10/14/14: New Jersey Devils 2 Tampa Bay Lightning 1

1st Devils Goal (Zajac), Even

  • New Jersey Contributions
    A. Greene – gets to a puck at the right point off of a wide shot and tries to play it deeper into the zone, but it’s deflected by Callahan into the air; then gloves the puck down to the right corner and plays it around the boards behind the net (cont.), one-times Cammalleri’s pass on net and Nabokov produces a rebound
    J. Jagr – gets to the puck in the left corner and moves it below the goal line for Cammalleri
    M. Cammalleri – carries the puck up the left side boards and passes the puck to Greene at the top of the zone
    T. Zajac – gets to the rebound in front of Nabokov, is stopped on his first shot attempt, and then puts the puck past Nabokov’s left pad
  • Tampa Bay Faults
    V. Hedman – collides with Zajac next to the net when Greene shoots the puck, then skates behind Nabokov as Zajac goes in front, leaving Zajac all alone with the puck in front

1st Lightning Goal (Killorn), Even

  • Tampa Bay Contributions
    A. Stralman – starts with the puck in his own zone and carries it up to the red line before passing it to the right for Johnson
    T. Johnson – redirects the puck into the Devils zone off of Salvador, gets the puck at Salvador’s feet after he fans on the puck twice, then skates to the inside of the right faceoff circle before passing the puck across the slot to Killorn
    A. Killorn – corrals the puck and then slides it under Schneider’s left pad as he’s trying to get across in position
  • New Jersey Faults
    B. Salvador – fans on the puck twice around his feet and then loses positioning as Johnson skates past him

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