4/24/15: ECQ Game 5 – New York Rangers 2 Pittsburgh Penguins 1 (OT)

1st Rangers Goal (Stepan), Powerplay

  • NY Rangers Contributions
    D. Boyle – stops Lovejoy’s clearing attempt along the left-side boards in the Penguins zone, then chips the puck down to Kreider halfway down the boards (cont.), takes a quick snapshot from the blue line that hits Fleury high in the chest, but he can’t control the rebound or cover the puck, so it drops onto the crease in front of him
    C. Kreider – holds the puck for a second at the outside edge of the faceoff circle, then passes it a foot towards the boards for Brassard helping him out
    D. Brassard – tries to make a pass that gets deflected back to Boyle at the middle of the blue line
    D. Stepan – kicks the loose puck at the top of the crease from his left skate to his stick and fires the puck past Fleury, who didn’t realize he didn’t have control of the puck
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    N. Spaling – in the penalty box for tripping
    B. Lovejoy – gets the puck in the left corner of the Penguins zone and throws it up the boards, but fails to clear it as Boyle stops it before it exits the zone
    M. Fleury – doesn’t control/cover the puck after a shot hits him high in the chest and falls in front of him, then doesn’t realize that he doesn’t have the puck as Stepan kicks it to his own stick and fires it in
    R. Scuderi – doesn’t have positioning on Stepan and doesn’t even attempt to tie him up as Stepan scores

1st Penguins Goal (Spaling), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    N. Spaling – pokes the puck off of Miller’s stick when he tries to play the puck behind the left side of the Rangers net, sending the puck to Crosby behind the right side of the net (cont.), has the puck go into the net off of his left arm after several odd bounces
    S. Crosby – skates just above the goal line and tries to center the puck for Downie, but the puck goes off of Lundqvist’s stick, into the air, then off of Lundqvist’s blocker
    S. Downie – gets his stick on the puck in the air after it hits Lundqvist’s blocker, which keeps it in the air
  • NY Rangers Faults
    J. Miller – gets the puck behind the Rangers net after the puck is sent down the boards, but then has it poked away by Spaling for a turnover


2nd Rangers Goal (Hagelin), Even

  • NY Rangers Contributions
    D. Moore – gets to a loose puck in the right corner of the Penguins zone after a shot had been deflected there, protects the puck against Martin and Crosby, then knocks it a couple of feet to his left to Hagelin
    C. Hagelin – gets past a hook from Crosby to skate to the right faceoff dot, turns, and fires a quick wrist shot that beats Fleury’s glove
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    S. Crosby – can’t keep the puck from Hagelin when he’s between Moore and Hagelin, then loses Hagelin going to the faceoff dot
    B. Lovejoy – starts to step out from the crease to defend Hagelin coming out of the corner, but then hesitates and stays on the crease where he’s defending no one, allowing Hagelin to get a clean, undefended shot

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