4/7/15: Ottawa Senators 4 Pittsburgh Penguins 3 (OT)

1st Penguins Goal (Crosby), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    P. Martin – intercepts Karlsson’s pass at the Penguins blue line and moves the puck to Hornqvist at center ice
    P. Hornqvist – enters the right side of the Senators zone and then passes the puck across to Crosby entering the left side of the zone
    D. Winnik – drives towards the net through the middle of the zone, forcing Karlsson to back up away from Crosby
    S. Crosby – carries the puck into the left faceoff circle, glides as he winds up for a slapshot, and blasts a slapshot from above the left circle that goes past Hammond’s glove
  • Ottawa Faults
    E. Karlsson – tries to make a pass from his own zone to the Penguins blue line, but has it picked off by Martin at the Penguins blue line, then commits too far to Winnik and gives Crosby a wide open lane to skate down and fire a shot from

2nd Penguins Goal (Bennett), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    I. Cole – steps up to the puck above the high slot as it drifts there when Hoffman loses the puck, hesitates on a shot as he skates into the high slot, then makes a pass to Bennett at the inside corner of the right faceoff circle
    D. Perron – shoves Hoffman in the back after he loses the puck so he’s down on the ice and can’t defend Cole stepping into the high slot
    B. Bennett – takes Cole’s pass on his forehand and knocks it towards the crease, then backhands it into the net before it hits Hammond, who is sprawled out on the ice at the top of the crease with no chance at a save
  • Ottawa Faults
    M. Hoffman – picks up a loose puck in the middle of the Senators zone after Perron loses it, but then he loses it as he tries to stick-handle and it drifts to the top of the zone to Cole for a turnover


3rd Penguins Goal (Hornqvist), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    S. Crosby – gets a loose puck in the Penguins zone and passes it up to Hornqvist skating through the neutral zone (cont.), takes a backhand slapshot on Scuderi’s rebound from the top of the right circle that Hammond dives over to make an arm save on, knocking the puck up into the iar
    P. Hornqvist – skates through the neutral zone, enters the left side of the Senators zone 1-on-1 with Karlsson, fights off Karlsson as they get to the outside edge of the left faceoff circle, then Hornqvist passes the puck back to Scuderi at the left point (cont.), crashes the crease as the puck is falling into it next to Hammond and beats Karlsson there to knock it into the net with his backhand
    R. Scuderi – takes a one-timer that goes off of Condra’s leg in the slot towards Crosby at the top of the right faceoff circle
  • Ottawa Faults
    A. Hammond – tracks the puck slowly as it bounces to Crosby, which forces him to dive to make a save on Crosby, then he loses track of the puck in the air and doesn’t know where it is as it drops into the crease next to him before Hornqvist knocks it into the net
    E. Karlsson – moves to the crease slowly as the puck is dropping into it, then tries to lean into Hornqvist to keep him from the crease, but loses that battle as Hornqvist pushes both of them to the crease and scores

1st Senators Goal (Pageau), Shorthanded

  • Ottawa Contributions
    J. Pageau – picks up a loose bouncing puck just inside the Senators blue line, skates it out of the right side of the zone, through the neutral zone, cuts to the middle as he enters the Penguins zone, takes the puck to his backhand as he tries to get around Martin at the left faceoff circle, carries the puck to the bottom of the left faceoff circle, then backhands a pass towards the front of the net that goes off of Pouliot’s left skate and into the net
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    P. Martin – gets caught flat-footed as Pageau is skating in on him and can’t keep up while trying to turn to stay with Pageau, giving up the passing lane to the front of the net as Pageau gets past him
    D. Pouliot – moves his left skate to stop Pageau’s errant pass in front of the crease, but ends up knocking the puck towards the crease and into the net

2nd Senators Goal (Stone), Even

  • Ottawa Contributions
    C. MacArthur – gets the puck at the left faceoff dot in the Penguins zone after it comes off of Winnik’s stick, then passes the puck through Winnik’s legs to Stone in the slot
    M. Stone – corrals the puck in the slot and fires a wrist shot past Fleury’s blocker into the net
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    S. Crosby – makes a bad pass in the defensive zone to the back skate of Winnik so that Winnik has to try to adjust quickly to take the pass on his backhand
    D. Winnik – can’t take Crosby’s bad pass in the defensive zone (not his fault), but also knocks the puck to MacArthur and then hesitates on what to do, which allows MacArthur to pass the puck through his legs to Stone in the slot

3rd Senators Goal (Hoffman), Even

  • Ottawa Contributions
    K. Turris – gets tied up on a faceoff in the left circle of the Penguins zone and twists until he can kick the puck back to Zibanejad skating to the left dot
    M. Zibanejad – gets the puck on his forehand as he gets to the left dot, pulls it to his backhand to avoid Sutter and Crosby, and backhands it to Hoffman at the top of the zone
    M. Hoffman – moves the puck two strides to his right, pulls the puck a little further as Kunitz comes out to block his lane, then fires a wrist shot that gets past Kunitz, past a screen by Lovejoy in front of Fleury, and past Fleury’s glove before he can react in time
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    B. Lovejoy – stands in front of Fleury as Hoffman is moving laterally, so Fleury doesn’t see Hoffman moving to slide a little to square up to his shot and doesn’t react to his shot until the puck is past Lovejoy, when it’s too late to glove it

4th Senators Goal (Stone), Even

  • Ottawa Contributions
    M. Methot – gets to a puck in the corner of the Senators zone as he’s being pressured by two Penguins and chips it past Hornqvist up the boards
    K. Turris – gets the puck along the boards, carries it out of the left side of the Senators zone in a 3-on-2 situation, brings it through the neutral zone, across the middle of the Penguins blue line, and passes it to the right to Karlsson
    E. Karlsson – skates the puck into the right faceoff circle to just above the right faceoff dot before making a pass across the slot, past the stick of Hornqvist trying to backcheck, to Stone at the inside of the left faceoff circle
    M. Stone – takes the pass with his left skate and kicks it to his stick as he skates into the slot and Hornqvist goes past him, then takes a wrist shot from the middle of the slot that beats Fleury’s glove
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    P. Hornqvist – gets caught trying to pinch into the corner in the offensive zone on Methot which leaves a 3-on-2 going the other way, then he gets back on the backcheck but can’t cover the passing lane between Karlsson and Stone and also loses Stone when he gets the puck before he scores

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