4/5/15: Philadelphia Flyers 4 Pittsburgh Penguins 1

1st Penguins Goal (Sutter), Powerplay

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    B. Sutter – gets the puck along the right-side boards int he Flyers zone and holds it as the Penguins move into their setup, skates the puck to the right faceoff dot and then drops it back to the boards where Kunitz has taken his spot (cont.), gets the puck at the goal line from Perron, then turns towards the net and slides the puck past Mason’s stick in between his blocker and left pad into the net as he’s unopposed by any defenseman
    C. Kunitz – gets the puck from Sutter and moves it to the blue line for Chorney
    T. Chorney – winds up for a slapshot and passes the puck to the left faceoff circle for Cole instead
    I. Cole – looks to the net for a shot, but skates back out of the circle instead and passes the puck to Perron in the left corner
    D. Perron – carries the puck up the boards and curls to the top of the right faceoff circle, then passes the puck down to Sutter along the goal line next to the left side of the net
  • Philadelphia Faults
    M. Raffl – in the penalty box for hooking
    N. Grossmann – stays too far back from Sutter and isn’t even watching the passing lane across the slot, so he’s essentially defending nothing as Sutter has room to turn in front of Mason and score
    S. Mason – keeps his left pad tucked in under his body and puts his blocker on the ice to keep his stick down, but gives up room between his blocker and left pad for Sutter to slide the puck through

1st Flyers Goal (Voracek), Powerplay

  • Philadelphia Contributions
    C. Giroux – lifts the stick of Lovejoy and knocks him away from the puck in the left corner of the Penguins zone on a rebound
    B. Schenn – picks up the loose puck in the left corner and moves it back to Streit at the left point
    M. Streit – settles the puck down, moves it to the middle of the blue line, then passes the puck to Voracek at the top of the right faceoff circle
    J. Voracek – one-times Streit’s pass over the right shoulder of Greiss off the crossbar and into the net
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    D. Winnik – in the penalty box for cross-checking
    C. Adams – leaves his spot near the points to throw a hit on Schenn, but Schenn still gets the pass off to the point, which leaves too much room open at the top of the zone with Adams not there
    M. Lapierre – stays too deep in the zone  so he’s covering the passing lane between Streit and Voracek or any man either, allowing the pass to get through for the one-timer goal


2nd Flyers Goal (Schenn), Powerplay

  • Philadelphia Contributions
    B. Schenn – gets a rebound in the left corner of the Penguins zone and moves the puck to Streit at the middle of the blue line (cont.), gets a stick on Voracek’s pass into the slot at the same time as Scuderi and the puck flies up into the air, over Greiss, and lands in the crease, where it bounces up off of the right post and into the net
    M. Streit – quickly fakes a shot and then passes the puck to Voracek at the top of the right faceoff circle
    J. Voracek – corrals the puck and then passes it to the slot quickly
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    B. Comeau – in the penalty box for hooking

3rd Flyers Goal (White), Even

  • Philadelphia Contributions
    N. Grossman – gets to a puck sliding to the Penguins blue line after Raffl fell and lost it, keeps the puck in the Penguins zone, and chips it down the left-side boards to Raffl in the left corner
    M. Raffl – fights off a check from Lovejoy and pushes the puck down the boards to White below the goal line
    R. White – skates behind the net to the right corner of the zone and passes the puck back behind the net for Couturier (cont.), one-times the puck past Greiss before he has a chance to get across for the save
    S. Couturier – skates towards the left corner with Martin following closely, then spins and makes a pass across the top of the crease to White alone at the inside edge of the right circle
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    B. Comeau – follows White behind the net with the puck, then releases on his coverage when White passes the puck back behind the net, unaware that White is skating back towards the slot to receive the pass for a one-timer goal

4th Flyers Goal (Del Zotto), Powerplay

  • Philadelphia Contributions
    M. Streit – starts with the puck behind the Flyers net and passes it up to Voracek in the middle of the zone
    J. Voracek – corrals the pass and then moves it over to Giroux exiting the right side of the zone
    C. Giroux – carries the puck through the neutral zone, into the Penguins zone, and centers it for Schenn entering the middle of the Penguins zone
    B. Schenn – skates the puck to the right circle to draw Martin over and then centers it to the slot for Del Zotto
    M. Del Zotto – redirects Schenn’s pass in front of the crease through the five-hole of Greiss
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    None – Hornqvist was in the penalty box on a bad call and Giroux/Schenn made two perfect passes despite Pouliot and Martin covering those passing lanes

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