3/19/15: Dallas Stars 2 Pittsburgh Penguins 1

1st Stars Goal (Ritchie), Even

  • Dallas Contributions
    J. Klingberg – gets the puck just inside the Stars zone and throws it back towards the middle of the neutral zone towards Horcoff
    S. Horcoff – redirects the puck into the left side of the Penguins zone
    J. Benn – chases down the puck in the left corner of the Penguins zone as he races Martin to get there, pulls up in the corner abruptly and loses Martin’s coverage as Martin can’t stop as quickly, then backhands a pass to the front of the crease for Ritchie
    B. Ritchie – gets the puck with his back to the net and tries to pass it across the front of the crease to Horcoff, but the pass is stopped by Bennett and redirected through Fleury’s five-hole into the net
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    P. Martin – overskates Benn in the corner of the zone after losing the race to the puck, so Benn is basically uncovered to make a perfect pass to Ritchie near the crease
    B. Bennett – makes a nice play to stop the pass but unfortunately redirects it through Fleury’s legs into the net

2nd Dallas Goal (Benn), Even

  • Dallas Contributions
    T. Seguin – gets the puck along the right-side boards in the Penguins zone after Scuderi poked it away from Eakin behind the net, then centers the puck to Benn alone in front of the net
    J. Benn – gets the puck alone at the top of the crease, pulls it away from a poke check by Fleury, tries to slide it past Fleury, gets stopped by Fleury’s right pad, gets the rebound, pulls it around Fleury’s right pad, and slides it into the net as he trips over Fleury’s stick
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    N. Spaling – shadows Benn skating around the slot and in front of the net, then abandons his coverage of him when Scuderi pokes the puck away from Eakin, leaving Benn alone in front
    R. Scuderi – pokes the puck away from Eakin behind the net, but then continues at a slow pace to the corner instead of noticing that Crosby is next to him going to the corner and Benn is alone in front
    S. Crosby – follows Eakin and Scuderi behind the net, then continues following them to the corner as he glides next to Scuderi instead of noticing that Benn is in front by himself


1st Penguins Goal (Letang), Powerplay

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    S. Crosby – wins a faceoff in the left circle of the Stars zone across the ice to the right point (cont.), gets the puck from Ehrhoff, skates it down to the outside edge of the right faceoff circle, and makes a backhand pass across the high slot to Letang above the high inside corner of the left faceoff circle
    C. Ehrhoff – retrieves the puck at the right point and makes a backhand pass while he’s facing the neutral zone to Crosby above the right faceoff circle
    K. Letang – stops the puck and takes a quick snap shot that goes through the legs of Kunitz, through Lehtonen’s five-hole, and into the net
    C. Kunitz – sets a screen directly in front of Lehtonen, which forces Lehtonen to try to look around him as Letang is taking the shot and leads to him dropping down too slowly for the save attempt
  • Dallas Faults
    J. Spezza – in the penalty box for tripping

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