3/17/15: New Jersey Devils 2 Pittsburgh Penguins 0

1st Devils Goal (Josefson), Even

  • New Jersey Contributions
    E. Gelinas – gets the puck in the corner of the Devils zone, skates it behind the Devils net, skates around the forecheck by Adams, exits the right side of the Devils zone as the Penguins are changing, gets past Winnik in the neutral zone, and passes the puck up the right-side boards past Spaling to Ryder at the Penguins blue line
    M. Ryder – takes the pass from Gelinas with an automatic 3-on-2 situation at the Penguins blue line and then loses the puck when Scuderi steps up on him, but the puck moves to Josefson to his left
    J. Josefson – gets the puck a few feet above the right faceoff circle and immediately has a 2-on-1 against Cole with Ruutu on his left, carries the puck to the inside edge of the right faceoff circle as Cole covers the pass, then rips a wrist shot past the blocker of Greiss, off the post, and in
    T. Ruutu – joined the rush on the far side to keep Cole covering the pass, which created room for Josefson to skate in
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    N. Spaling – focuses on Gelinas having the puck when he comes off of the bench even though there are already three guys behind him and Winnik is there to defend Gelinas, so there is an immediate 3-on-2 when he stays in the neutral zone against Gelinas and Gelinas passes the puck past him
    R. Scuderi – makes a bad decision to step up on Ryder at the blue line in a 3-on-2 situation, which leaves Cole to deal with a 2-on-1 situation when the step-up doesn’t knock the puck away

2nd Devils Goal (Henrique), Even (ENG)

  • New Jersey Contributions
    A. Henrique – gets the puck from Perron’s giveaway at the Devils blue line, carries to towards the left side of the neutral zone to center ice around Letang diving to stop him, and fires the puck into the empty net
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    D. Perron – gets to a pouncing puck at the Devils blue line and tries to quickly spin and shoot the puck back in to keep it in instead of trying to control it or settle it down, but he partially whiffs and gives the puck away to Henrique at the top of the zone


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