1/10/15: Pittsburgh Penguins 2 Montreal Canadiens 1 (OT)

1st Canadiens Goal (Pacioretty), Even

  • Montreal Contributions
    M. Pacioretty – takes the puck from Crosby in the slot in the Canadiens zone, turns and skates out of the zone on a 2-on-1 with Gallagher, skates down the right side through the neutral zone, enters the Penguins zone looking at Gallagher on his left, then looks to the net and fires a hard wrist shot past Fleury’s glove right before he gets to the right faceoff dot
    B. Gallagher – skates down the left side with Pacioretty on the 2-on-1 and opens his stick up for a pass, forcing Bortuzzo to play the pass and let Pacioretty skate in
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    S. Crosby – gets the puck in the offensive zone and tries to play it from his backhand to his forehand, but loses control of it and turns it over to Pacioretty
    P. Martin – skates down into the right corner of the offensive zone and gets caught too deep when Crosby turns the puck over, so it’s a 2-on-1 the other way

1st Penguins Goal (Malkin), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    S. Despres – retrieves the puck along the right-side boards in the Canadiens zone after a shot was deflected wide, then passes the puck to Malkin at the right point
    E. Malkin – winds up and takes a slapshot that beats Price’s glove
  • Montreal Faults
    M. Bournival – races to the boards to get the puck when Despres gets it, then turns the wrong way and goes away from Despres when he gets the puck instead of staying with him


2nd Penguins Goal (Crosby), Powerplay

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    E. Malkin – gets a loose puck at the right point in the Canadiens zone after a pass had eluded him, then passes it to Letang at the top of the left faceoff circle (cont.), fakes a one-timer from Letang’s pass, then carries the puck around Plekanec (who doesn’t have a stick) and passes the puck to Crosby below the right faceoff dot
    K. Letang – fakes a one-timer and then passes the puck back to Malkin, now in the high slot
    S. Crosby – one-times Malkin’s pass past Price’s glove before he can get across to the post
  • Montreal Faults
    T. Plekanec – breaks his stick by slashing Letang when he skates past him and then can’t step up on Malkin when the pass to Crosby is made
    M. Pacioretty – played the puck along the benches before his man came off the ice, which is why Montreal was called for too many men

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