12/27/14: Washington Capitals 3 Pittsburgh Penguins 0

1st Capitals Goal (Fehr), Even

  • Washington Contributions
    E. Fehr – picks up the puck in the Capitals zone and throws it into the neutral zone (cont.), slams the rebound off of Fleury’s right pad into the net
    J. Beagle – knocks the puck down in the left side of the neutral zone to Laich skating along the left-side boards (cont.), gets the puck from Laich and quickly backhands a centering pass towards the crease that is blocked by Harrington so it rebounds off of Fleury’s right pad
    B. Laich – carries the puck all the way down to the left corner of the Penguins zone and pushes it along to Beagle below the goal line
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    E. Malkin – follows Laich into the Penguins zone as Letang picks him up, which leaves Beagle and Fehr in a 2-on-1 situation against Harrington
    S. Harrington – blocks Beagle’s centering pass into Fleury for a rebound and then can’t figure out where the puck is or defend Fehr before Fehr knocks the loose puck into the net
    K. Letang – loses Laich to the outside as he steps up to hit him along the boards and only gets a piece of him as he still skates by and gets a pass off to Beagle

2nd Capitals Goal (Johansson), Even

  • Washington Contributions
    M. Johansson – digs for a loose puck in the Capitals zone after a blocked shot and fights off Despres to skate it into the neutral zone, avoids an attempt by Crosby to steal the puck in the neutral zone, skates the puck into the right side of the Penguins zone on a 2-on-1 with Brouwer, and fires a wrist shot from just above the right faceoff dot that beats Fleury’s blocker
    T. Brouwer – joins Johansson on the 2-on-1 so Harrington has to play the pass and can’t step up on Johansson
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    S. Crosby – steps up on Johansson in the neutral zone in a 2-on-2 situation and misses the puck/doesn’t get a piece of Johansson, turning the play into a 2-on-1 against Harrington


3rd Capitals Goal (Fehr), Even

  • Washington Contributions
    J. Carlson – retrieves the puck behind the Capitals net and moves it up the right-side boards to Ward (cont.), gets the puck from Orpik and throws a wrist shot towards the net
    J. Ward – holds the puck at the Capitals blue line as players break out and passes it to Fehr at center ice (cont.), deflects Carlson’s wrist shot down in front of the crease
    E. Fehr – backhands a pass towards Laich at the Penguins blue line, but the puck goes past him into the right corner of the Penguins zone (cont.), knocks the loose puck into the net as he’s getting knocked over before Fleury can find the deflected puck
    B. Laich – misses Fehr’s original pass at the blue line, but chases the puck down in the right corner of the Penguins zone, falls as he skates it behind the Penguins net, gets back up with the puck, skates out from behind the left side of the net, and backhands a pass back to Orpik at the left point
    B. Orpik – moves the puck to the right point for Carlson
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    S. Despres – loses the race to the loose puck to Laich, then gets caught in the corner as Laich goes behind the net with the puck uncovered to keep the play moving

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