12/23/14: Tampa Bay Lightning 4 Pittsburgh Penguins 3

1st Lightning Goal (Johnson), Even

  • Tampa Bay Contributions
    O. Palat – retrieves a loose puck at the left point of the Penguins zone after Chorney had knocked it away from him, then passes it to Johnson at the middle of the blue line
    T. Johnson – wrists the puck towards the net looking for a deflection from Kucherov in the slot (cont.), one-times Kucherov’s pass from the high slot past Fleury’s blocker
    N. Kucherov – gets a piece of the puck and it goes up in the air in a tangle of Kucherov, Harrington, and Letang, then he gets the puck as it settles down in the right faceoff circle, holds it as Uher comes towards him, and centers it to Johnson skating into the high slot
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    T. Chorney – breaks up a pass from Palat entering the left side of the Penguins zone, but then plays the puck weakly back to the left point, where Palat can retrieve it
    A. Ebbett – Skates towards the loose puck at the left point after Chorney plays it, but decides to hit Hedman at the point instead of playing the puck, which allows Palat to get it and pass it away
    D. Uher – gets caught watching the puck and skates to Kucherov with it even though Harrington is on him, which leaves the slot area open for Johnson

2nd Lightning Goal (Johnson), Even

  • Tampa Bay Contributions
    V. Hedman – prevents Rust from clearing the puck from the zone and knocks the clearing attempt back down the left-side boards
    O. Palat – gets to the loose puck halfway down the left-side boards just before Pouliot reaches for it, then pulls the puck to the middle away from Pouliot before tapping it back to Johnson just above the left faceoff circle
    T. Johnson – turns into a shooting position and rips a wrist shot that goes through a screen and over Fleury’s right shoulder
    N. Kucherov – stands in front of Fleury as Johnson takes the shot, screening him so that he can’t pick up the shot quickly enough to stop it
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    B. Rust – tries to push a puck rolling along the left-side boards in the Penguins zone past Hedman at the left point, but Hedman knocks it back deeper into the zone
    D. Pouliot – loses the race to Palat to reach for the loose puck along the left-side boards, then loses his balance as he swung his stick to the outside of the zone, which gives Palat time and space to move to the inside of the zone
    S. Crosby – stands next to Kucherov doing nothing as he screens Fleury completely


3rd Lightning Goal (Kucherov), Even

  • Tampa Bay Contributions
    V. Filppula – gets a loose puck behind Tampa Bay’s net, skates it to the corner of the Lightning zone as both teams change, then passes the puck back to Carle to start the breakout
    M. Carle – skates the puck up a few strides and passes it all the way up to Kucherov by himself entering the Penguins zone on a breakaway
    N. Kucherov – fakes a wrist shot in the slot, dekes from his backhand to his forehand, then goes back to his backhand and lifts the puck over Fleury’s left pad as he hopelessly sprawls out
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    S. Harrington – makes an ill-timed change to the far bench as Carle is surveying the play, which allows Kucherov to get to the blue line with no coverage as Pouliot has no chance of changing into the play fast enough

4th Lightning Goal (Johnson), Even

  • Tampa Bay Contributions
    V. Hedman – blocks a shot in the Lightning zone and redirects the puck with his skate to Palat to his left
    O. Palat – tries to make a pass out of the zone but it’s redirected by Despres, directly to Johnson exiting the Lightning zone
    T. Johnson – takes the puck to center ice and then passes it to the left side of the Penguins blue line for Kucherov entering the zone (cont.), gets the puck from Kucherov, skates it to just inside the right faceoff dot, and rips a wrist shot over Zatkoff’s left shoulder
    N. Kucherov – holds the puck as he enters the zone with Johnson skating down the right side to make it a 2-on-1, then passes the puck to Johnson on the right side
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    S. Despres – redirects Palat’s pass directly to Johnson for a Lightning breakout, then gets caught up ice as he can’t get back for the 2-on-1

1st Penguins Goal (Hornqvist), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    R. Klinkhammer – intercepts a pass along the boards in the Penguins zone between Stamkos and Sustr, then carries the puck to the blue line and passes it to his right for Hornqvist exiting the zone
    P. Hornqvist – carries the puck through the neutral zone, cuts into the right side of the Lightning zone, carries it all the way to just outside the right faceoff dot, and rips a wrist shot over Vasilevskiy’s left shoulder
  • Tampa Bay Faults
    S. Stamkos – tries to pass a puck from below the goal line in the Penguins zone along the boards up to the right point, but has the pass intercepted by Klinkhammer, who turned it into a breakout
    V. Hedman – defends Hornqvist as if he’s defending 2-on-1 despite Klinkhammer being covered, so he gives Hornqvist way too much room to enter the zone and move in for the

2nd Penguins Goal (Kunitz), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    E. Malkin – intercepts Hedman’s one-touch pass in the Penguins zone as Kunitz’s penalty is ending, then passes the puck up to Kunitz in the neutral zone for a breakaway 
    C. Kunitz – receives Malkin’s pass as he enters Tampa Bay’s zone, fakes a wrist shot as he enters the slot, pulls the puck to his backhand, and slides it through Vasilevskiy’s five-hole
  • Tampa Bay Faults
    V. Hedman – tries to make a one-touch pass in the Penguins zone from the right point and gets very little on it, allowing Malkin to intercept it as Kunitz is exiting the penalty box with no one back

3rd Penguins Goal (Letang), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    C. Kunitz – races to a puck that Gudas blocked near the right faceoff dot in the Lightning zone and smacks the puck so it towards the slot
    P. Hornqvist – gets to the puck first in the slot and pushes it back to the middle of the zone
    K. Letang – skates over from the left point to get the puck in the middle of the zone and throws a low wrist shot on net that goes through Callahan’s skates and slides past Vasilevskiy’s left pad
  • Tampa Bay Faults
    R. Callahan – moves up to challenge Letang, but screens Vasilevskiy in the process so he doesn’t pick up the shot until it’s too late

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