12/18/14: Pittsburgh Penguins 1 Colorado Avalanche 0 (OT)

1st Penguins Goal (Comeau), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    E. Malkin – swoops into the Avalanche zone and pokes the puck away from MacKinnon below the goal line through the right corner of the Avalanche zone to Despres low along the right-side boards (cont.), redirects Scuderi’s shot into Pickard, which sends the puck into the crease as Pickard is sprawling
    S. Despres – holds the puck and then skates up the boards to the right point before passing the puck across the ice to Scuderi at the left point
    R. Scuderi – takes two strides deeper into the zone and takes a slapshot that is going wide to the left of the net but goes towards Malkin at the goal line
    B. Comeau – pokes the loose puck in the crease into the net past Pickard’s left pad
  • Colorado Faults
    N. MacKinnon – comes away from a scrum with the puck behind the Avalanche net and then doesn’t move it quickly enough before Malkin pokes it away from him to force a turnover
    A. Tanguay – gets caught watching Despres with the puck instead of realizing that Despres is already being followed and that Scuderi is an uncovered outlet for him


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