12/13/14: Columbus Blue Jackets 4 Pittsburgh Penguins 3 (SO)

1st Blue Jackets Goal (Foligno), Powerplay

  • Columbus Contributions
    D. Savard – gets the puck at the inside edge of the left faceoff circle after Martin kicks it to him, then loses control of it at the left faceoff circle due to a poke check from Martin
    B. Jenner – picks up the loose puck where Savard lost it, skates around Martin who is down on the ice, skates towards the goal line to the left of the net, and then centers a pass for Foligno at the top of the crease
    N. Foligno – fights off Letang to maintain positioning as the puck gets to him and then taps the puck into the net before Greiss can even react to try and get across
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    C. Ehrhoff – in the penalty box for holding
    P. Martin – gets the puck deflected to him in the slot by Jenner’s skate, but can’t play it with his stick and kicks it with his right skate right to Savard; then drops to the ice and poke checks the puck off of Savard’s stick, but takes himself out of the play for when Jenner picks up the loose puck and skates to the goal line
    K. Letang – skates to Foligno in front of the crease when Jenner gets the puck, but only weakly tries to lift his stick and doesn’t battle for positioning, allowing Foligno to easily fight off the stick-lift and score the goal

1st Penguins Goal (Comeau), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    P. Martin – reaches his stick out along the left-side boards at the blue line in the Blue Jackets zone to smack the puck back along the boards deeper in the zone
    R. Klinkhammer – ties up Savard with his stick halfway down the left-side boards so Comeau can come pick the puck up
    B. Comeau – skates over to Klinkhammer and picks up the loose puck, then turns back down the boards, and fires a snapshot from the outside edge of the left faceoff circle that beats Bobrovsky over his right shoulder
  • Columbus Faults
    R. Johansen – tries to chip a loose puck up the left-side boards in the Blue Jackets zone to Skille, but he puts too much on it and the puck goes to the left point, where Martin keeps it in to keep the play alive for the Penguins
    S. Bobrovsky – doesn’t read Comeau’s shot properly and drops down on the shot that rises over his right shoulder to beat him short-side


2nd Penguins Goal (Letang), Shorthanded

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    C. Adams – intercepts Johansen’s attempt to push the puck back to the right point in the Penguins zone, chips the puck off of the left-side boards into the neutral zone past Wisniewski, skates past Wisniewski to pick it up in the neutral zone on a 2-on-1 with Letang, skates the puck down to the left faceoff dot in the Blue Jackets zone until Connauton goes down to block the passing lane, then pulls up and passes the puck across the slot to Letang at the inside of the right faceoff circle
    K. Letang – gets the pass from Adams, pulls the puck to the front of the crease on his backhand, then flicks a backhander past Bobrovsky’s blocker
  • Columbus Faults
    R. Johansen – tries to poke a loose puck back to Wisniewski at the right point in the Penguins zone, but pushes the puck to Adams instead
    J. Wisniewski – tries to step up on Adams at the Penguins blue line and then loses him after Adams chips the puck off of the boards

2nd Blue Jackets Goal (Jenner), Penalty Shot (Even)

  • Columbus Contributions
    R. Johansen – holds the puck in the Blue Jackets zone as players spread out, then flips a puck into the air for Jenner entering the Penguins zone
    B. Jenner – catches Johansen’s pass and drops the puck to his stick as he enters the Penguins zone on a breakaway, then gets hauled down by Despres (and embellishes) to draw the penalty shot; skates down to the slot on his penalty shot, dekes quickly from backhand to forehand, and just wrists the puck past the blocker of Greiss
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    S. Despres – loses his coverage on Jenner on a puck that is flipped into the Penguins zone, then hooks him from behind to prevent a scoring opportunity and give Jenner a penalty shot

3rd Blue Jackets Goal (Johnson), Even

  • Columbus Contributions
    C. Atkinson – gets the puck in the corner of the Blue Jackets zone and moves it behind the net to Savard in the opposite corner of the zone as both teams start to exit into the neutral zone
    D. Savard – carries the puck forward a few strides and then passes it up to Dubinsky exiting the right side of the zone
    B. Dubinsky – carries the puck through the right side of the neutral zone, pulls up after crossing into the Penguins zone, and makes a pass to Johnson skating through the left point of the Penguins zone
    J. Johnson – skates down to the left faceoff dot completely uncovered and rips a wrist shot past the glove of Greiss
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    N. Spaling – gets distracted by Atkinson skating through the middle of the zone and follows him as he skates towards Ehrhoff instead of spacing out to his actual assignment, who should have been Johnson skating to the left point

3rd Penguins Goal (Letang), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    E. Malkin – wins a faceoff in the right circle of the Blue Jackets zone (cont.), gets the puck from Ehrhoff, skates higher up the boards, and moves it back to Ehrhoff now at the middle of the blue line
    B. Sutter – skates to the puck behind Malkin and pulls it back to Ehrhoff at the right point
    C. Ehrhoff – winds up for a shot, but then passes the puck down to Malkin along the right-side boards (cont.), gets the puck back from Malkin and passes it to Letang at the top of the left faceoff circle
    K. Letang – one-times Ehrhoff’s pass past Bobrovsky’s glove into the net
    P. Hornqvist – screens Bobrovsky as Letang is getting the puck and shooting it, which forces Bobrovsky to lean the wrong way to see the shot, so he is unable to make the save
  • Columbus Faults
    D. Savard – gets so focused on Comeau off of the faceoff, that he engages with him and allows Hornqvist to go to the front of the net, then he trips Johnson up, which also takes him out of the play and coverage with the Penguins already playing 6-on-5

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