12/6/14: Pittsburgh Penguins 3 Ottawa Senators 2

1st Penguins Goal (Malkin), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    E. Malkin – Leaves the penalty box and picks up a loose puck that had originally been shot from the Penguins zone and wrapped the entire way around the boards, then skates the puck into the left side of the Senators zone on a breakaway, moves the puck to his backhand at the top of the crease, and then pulls it back to his forehand and slides it in past Anderson’s right pad as he collides with Anderson and they both go into the net with the puck scoring first
  • Ottawa Faults
    None – Though Karlsson is the last man back for Ottawa, it was bad luck with how the missed shot wrapped around the boards to match the timing of Malkin exiting the box

1st Ottawa Goal (Legwand), Powerplay

  • Ottawa Contributions
    B. Ryan – retrieves a loose puck in the left corner of the Penguins zone after Fleury knocked away his passing attempt, then he passes the puck up to Karlsson at the left point
    E. Karlsson – takes the pass, holds it for a second, and wrists it into a mass of bodies in front of Fleury
    M. Michalek – tips Karlsson’s shot on its way to the net
    D. Legwand – has the puck go off of his body after Michalek’s tip, sending it over the right shoulder of Fleury
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    C. Ehroff – in the penalty box for tripping
    O. Maatta – battles in front of the net with Legwand and screens Fleury, forcing Fleury to lean to the side when the shot is taken


2nd Ottawa Goal (Zibanejad), Even

  • Ottawa Contributions
    M. Zibanejad – wins a faceoff in the Penguins zone that goes all the way back to Ottawa’s zone (cont.), holds off Ebbett as the players battle for position skating into the slot, takes Ryan’s pass with his left skate and kicks it to his stick, then fires it through Fleury’s five-hole
    E. Karlsson – skates back to retrieve the puck in Ottawa’s zone and passes it to his left to Methot
    M.  Methot – holds the puck as the Penguins approach him and then passes the puck to the right side of the neutral zone for Ryan
    B. Ryan – gets the puck with room to skate, takes it into the right side of the Penguins zone against Dumoulin, then pulls the puck away from Dumoulin’s poke check and passes it to the slot for Zibanejad streaking into the area
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    B. Dumoulin – stays a little too far back in his gap coverage of Ryan, which allows Ryan room to skate and then room to pull the puck back to center it for Zibanejad

2nd Penguins Goal (Malkin), Powerplay

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    B. Sutter – gets a rebound to the left of Anderson, takes it behind the Senators net, and passes it to Crosby next to the right faceoff circle (cont.), deflects Maatta’s shot in front of the crease
    S. Crosby – starts moving the puck towards the right corner and then passes it back to Martin at the right point instead
    P. Martin – moves the puck to Maatta above the left faceoff circle
    O. Maatta – carries the puck to the outside corner of the left faceoff circle and takes a low wrist shot as he’s aiming for the stick of Sutter in front of the net
    E. Malkin – deflects Sutter’s deflection up over Anderson’s right shoulder into the net
  • Ottawa Faults
    E. Condra – in the penalty box for hooking

3rd Penguins Goal (Ehrhoff), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    S. Crosby – gets the puck in the left corner of the Senators zone after Michalek’s clearing attempt is stopped by a ref, then he skates up the boards, pulls up and skates back down into the corner, then pulls up and skates up the boards again with all of the Senators watching him before making a backhand pass across the zone to Ehrhoff above the right faceoff circle
    C. Ehrhoff – corrals the pass and holds it with no one around him at all, slowly moves down to the right faceoff dot with no one even coming at him, and finally tees up the puck for a slapshot that goes over Anderson’s left shoulder
  • Ottawa Faults
    M. Methot – should be the player to slide over to Ehrhoff, but decides to start shoving Spaling in front of the net instead, which gives Ehrhoff all of the time and space possible to shoot the puck

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