12/2/14: Pittsburgh Penguins 1 New Jersey Devils 0

1st Penguins Goal (Malkin), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    C. Ehrhoff – gets a rebound in the Penguins zone near the goal line and passes it a few feet ahead to Malkin (cont.), gets the puck from Malkin and throws it across to the blue line to Maatta along the right-side boards
    E. Malkin – turns along the boards in the defensive zone and drops the puck back to Ehrhoff (cont.), gets the puck in the slot from Comeau skates it across the front of the crease to the right side, and backhands the puck under Schneider into the net
    O. Maatta – makes a one-touch pass to Comeau exiting the left side of the Penguins zone
    B. Comeau – spins with the puck to get around Henrique and makes a pass during his spin to Megna along the left-side boards at center ice (cont.), makes another quick turn/spin pass – this time to center the puck to Malkin entering the slot
    J. Megna – carries the puck into the left side of the Devils zone and passes it ahead to Comeau at the left faceoff dot
  • New Jersey Faults
    S. Bernier – gets caught watching the puck and thus doesn’t see or follow Malkin coming into the zone as the trailing forward and skating to the slot
    M. Cammalleri – sees Malkin cutting the slot and takes one quick stride, then quits on the play as he watches Malkin score


Click here for Penguins Season to Date

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