11/22/14: New York Islanders 4 Pittsburgh Penguins 1

1st Penguins Goal (Malkin), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    O. Maatta – retrieves a loose puck behind the Penguins net after a missed shot, skates it down the right-side boards to center ice, and dumps the puck into the right corner of the Isles zone
    P. Hornqvist – gets to the dump-in first and slides the puck behind the net for Spaling in the left corner (cont.), skates over to the left corner where Spaling is protecting the puck and taps it up the left-side boards to Malkin, who has positioning on Okposo
    N. Spaling – picks up the puck in the left corner, but gets pinned to the boards by Hickey as he protects the puck
    E. Malkin – gets the puck halfway up the left-side boards, carries it through the left faceoff dot and to the inside corner of the left faceoff circle, then takes a quick shot on Halak that trickles through him after the initial save and ends up in the net
  • NY Islanders Faults
    K. Okposo – stands next to Malkin in the Islanders zone, but doesn’t put himself in position to hinder or defend Malkin as he receives the pass up the boards and skates it towards the net
    J. Halak – stops the initial shot by Malkin but lets it trickle through his five-hole into the net for a leaky goal

1st Islanders Goal (Martin), Even

  • NY Islanders Contributions
    C. Cizikas – wins a faceoff in the left circle of the Penguins zone back to Leddy at the left point (cont.) puts a shot on net in front that Greiss saves, but can’t cover as the puck slips through from under him
    N. Leddy – holds the puck for a second and then takes a wrist shot towards the net that is blocked by Goc
    C. Clutterbuck – swats at the puck at Goc’s feet after the puck falls there in front of the crease, sending it towards Greiss with Cizikas in front (cont.), digs the puck away from next to Greiss and pulls it to the front of the right side of the crease for Martin
    M. Martin – backhands the puck into an open net since Greiss is down from trying to cover the puck
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    M. Goc – blocks the shot by Leddy, but can’t play the puck before Clutterbuck knocks it towards the net, then can’t tie up Cizikas in front of the net as he puts the puck on Greiss and swats at it so Greiss can’t cover it up

2nd NY Islanders Goal (Lee), Even

  • NY Islanders Contributions
    R. Strome – gets a loose puck in the left corner of the Penguins zone after Despres had separated it from Nelson, then passes the puck to Hickey at the left point
    T. Hickey – immediately moves the puck to Visnovsky at the right point
    L. Visnovsky – sends a low shot towards the net
    A. Lee – redirects Visnovsky’s shot from the inside corner of the right faceoff circle so that it slides past the right pad of Greiss instead of continuing on its trajectory into his pads
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    None – players were closely covered and the redirect was impossible to defend/stop

3rd NY Islanders Goal (Nelson), Powerplay

  • NY Islanders Contributions
    J. Tavares – retrieves a rebound low along the left-side boards in the Penguins zone, holds it for a few seconds, then makes a pass through the slot to Okposo sneaking down from the right point to the right faceoff dot
    K. Okposo – looks to the net for a shot and then passes the puck in front of the crease for Nelson on the backside of the crease
    B. Nelson – redirects Okposo’s pass into the net as Greiss has no chance of getting across for the save
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    S. Downie – in the penalty box for interference
    B. Sutter – drifts too far to the middle of the ice to cover Nielsen and doesn’t have any clue that Okposo is sneaking down on the far side from Tavares, so he doesn’t cover the passing lane or Okposo’s area properly

4th Islanders Goal (Tavares), Even

  • NY Islanders Contributions
    J. Boychuk – steps into a one-timer from the right point that is saved by Greiss with his right pad on a puck that rolled around the boards in the Penguins zone after an off-target shot by Tavares
    J. Tavares – gets to the rebound off of the right pad of Greiss, pulls the puck back so Greiss can’t make a desperation save, then lifts it over his outstretched stick and into the net
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    P. Martin – overskates the rebound next to Greiss and isn’t in position to cover or recover on Tavares, leaving him with time to pull the puck back and lift it in over Greiss

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