11/6/14: Pittsburgh Penguins 4 Winnipeg Jets 3 (SO)

1st Jets Goal (Ladd), Even

  • Winnipeg Contributions
    Z. Bogosian – pinches down the right side into the Penguins zone to get the puck after it was shot wide, carries it down to the right corner, and passes it to the right faceoff dot for Little
    B. Little – corrals the puck, then quickly turns and puts a low shot towards the net
    A. Ladd – redirects the puck as Fleury attempts a poke check, so it ends up going through his five-hole and into the net
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    E. Malkin – gets caught hovering too close to the crease when Little gets the puck, so he can’t step up on him quickly enough
    P. Martin – stands next to Ladd, but doesn’t attempt to tie him up and can’t react quickly enough to play the puck when it gets to the net

1st Penguins Goal (Despres), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    B. Sutter – loses a puck battle to Scheifele in the right corner of the Jets zone, but lifts his stick and steals the puck right back, then passes it off the boards up to Despres at the right point
    S. Despres – corrals Sutter’s pass and immediately takes a wrist shot towards the net that goes in over Pavelec’s glove
    S. Downie – skates in front of Pavelec just as Despres takes the shot, forcing Pavelec to read the shot late and not adjust in time
  • Winnipeg Faults
    M. Scheifele – wins a battle for the puck in the right corner of the Jets zone, but promptly has it stolen by Sutter with a stick lift


2nd Penguins Goal (Sutter), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    R. Bortuzzo – skates up to Clitsome and attempts a poke check at center ice as both players go after a loose puck, with the result being that the puck bounces off of Bortuzzo and forward to Sutter entering the Jets zone
    B. Sutter – picks up the bouncing puck just outside of the Jets zone, skates it past Postma into the slot, and snaps it past Pavelec’s right pad
  • Winnipeg Faults
    G. Clitsome – steps up at center ice to play a loose puck, but plays it directly into Bortuzzo and it bounces to Sutter breaking into the Jets zone
    P. Postma – gets caught flat-footed when Sutter picks up the puck and can’t get a decent angle on him or keep up with him to prevent a semi-breakaway goal

3rd Penguins Goal (Downie), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    B. Sutter – dives to a loose puck next to the Penguins net and knocks it into the corner away from harm
    N. Spaling – picks up the loose puck in the defensive zone, sees Downie exiting the penalty box, and throws a pass to Downie at the Jets blue line that misses Downie, goes to the right corner of the Jets zone, and bounces back up into the slot right for Downie
    S. Downie – picks up the puck at the right side of the slot, pulls it around Pavelec’s attempted poke check, and tucks it past Pavelec’s right pad with his backhand
  • Winnipeg Faults
    D. Byfuglien – is the last man back for the Jets, doesn’t pay attention to Downie exiting the box, then can’t catch up to him for the weird bounces off of the boards and the goal

2nd Jets Goal (Trouba), Even

  • Winnipeg Contributions
    B. Wheeler – picks up a loose rebound in the defensive zone, skates it out the left side of the zone, carries it down the left-side boards through the neutral zone, and passes it to his right for Kane as they enter the Penguins zone (cont.), gets tied up with Bortuzzo in front of the net so Fleury can’t see where the puck bounced too, forcing him to stay low and also contributing to the screen
    E. Kane – gets the puck just above the left faceoff circle in the Penguins zone and skates it to the outside down to the left corner as Martin covers him tightly, then spins and makes a blind backhand pass into the slot that goes off of Hornqvist’s skate and to the right faceoff dot
    J. Trouba – skates down to the right faceoff dot as the loose puck gets there and takes a slapshot past Hornqvist’s legs and past Fleury’s right shoulder
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    P. Hornqvist – inadvertently knocks the puck towards where Trouba is skating into a shot and also sets up a screen as he tries to block the shot but misses
    R. Bortuzzo – gets tied up with Wheeler in front of the net, which screens Fleury and forces him to stay down since he can’t see where the puck went as Trouba shoots high

3rd Jets Goal (Kane), Even

  • Winnipeg Contributions
    M. Scheifele – blocks a shot by Hornqvist at the top of the faceoff circle in the Jets zone that sends the puck out to the right-side boards in the neutral zone
    B. Wheeler – gets to the loose puck along the right-side boards in the neutral zone and then centers it to Kane skating through the middle on a breakaway
    E. Kane – gets the puck just outside of the Penguins blue line on a breakaway, skates it to the slot, closes his stick blade as if he’s going to go to his backhand, then opens up and shoots the puck past Fleury’s blocker on his forehand
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    P. Martin – is the last man back with Wheeler and Kane skating out of the zone, but decides to pressure Wheeler, which leaves Kane all alone for a breakaway as Wheeler reads Martin’s decision and passes the puck away
    K. Letang – gets caught too deep in the Jets zone as the puck bounces back out and can’t catch up to the play to cover Kane or catch him on the breakaway

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