11/4/14: Pittsburgh Penguins 4 Minnesota Wild 1

1st Penguins Goal (Spaling), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    N. Spaling – shoves Dumba along the left-side boards as he tries to clear the puck, weakening his clearing attempt so it doesn’t leave the zone (cont.), gets the pass from Downie with Kuemper already down and lifts the puck over him into the net
    R. Scuderi – stops Dumba’s clearing attempt at the left point and tries to shoot it on net, but it is blocked by Vanek and caroms to Downie high in the zone
    S. Downie – picks up the loose puck, skates to the high slot, fakes a wrist shot, and passes the puck down to Spaling at the inside corner of the left faceoff circle
  • Minnesota Faults
    M. Dumba – attempts to play a loose puck out of the defensive zone along the boards, but gets pushed off the puck by Spaling and can’t clear it past Scuderi at the point
    T. Vanek – blocks Scuderi’s shot but takes a bad path to the puck, which lets Downie pick it up and skate to the high slot unchallenged

2nd Penguins Goal (Sutter), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    P. Martin – takes the puck away from Vanek in the defensive zone and passes it to Scuderi behind the Penguins net
    R. Scuderi – keeps the puck moving behind the net around the boards to Sutter
    B. Sutter – chips the puck over the stick of Prosser pinching into the Penguins zone, which starts a 3-on-1 exiting the Penguins zone, then carries it down the right-side boards through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone all the way to the right faceoff dot, from where he takes a quick wrister that beats Kuemper’s glove
    N. Spaling – joins the rush on the left side of the ice, which keeps Dumba covering the potential pass in the slot area instead of stepping up on Sutter rushing through the zone
    S. Downie – skates down the ice next to Sutter and slows down just enough as they enter the offensive zone so that Vanek can’t cleanly backcheck on Sutter because he has to get around Downie
  • Minnesota Faults
    T. Vanek – acts indecisively with the puck in the Penguins zone and allows Martin to strip him of it to start the play
    N. Prosser – tries to pinch down into the Penguins zone to steal the puck from Sutter, but can’t stop Sutter and gets caught out of the play as the rush moves the other way


3rd Penguins Goal (Kunitz), Powerplay

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    P. Hornqvist – wins a puck battle in the right corner of the Wild zone and moves the puck along the boards to Crosby higher in the corner
    S. Crosby – moves the puck a couple of feet off of the boards as Kunitz skates by
    C. Kunitz – makes a one-touch pass of the puck off of Crosby’s stick back to Letang at the right point (cont.), redirects Malkin’s slap-pass from the top of the crease over Kuemper’s left pad
    K. Letang – holds the puck as Malkin moves to the left point and then passes it to him there
    E. Malkin – skates down to the top of the left faceoff circle and makes a slap-pass aimed for Kunitz’s stick blade at the top of the crease
  • Minnesota Faults
    M. Scandella – in the penalty box for delay of game
    R. Suter – doesn’t cover Kunitz in front of the net after the puck is moved back to the points, so Kunitz is completely unhindered to redirect Malkin’s slap-pass

1st Wild Goal (Niederreiter), Shorthanded

  • Minnesota Contributions
    J. Brodin – poke checks Letang as he enters the Wild zone, forcing him to fan on a pass and send the puck to Suter
    R. Suter – gets the errant pass from Letang and immediately passes it up to Niederreiter exiting the Wild zone with speed
    N. Niederreiter – carries the puck through the left side of the neutral zone and into the Penguins zone on a breakaway, then moves to the slot, fakes a shot on his forehand, pulls the puck to his backhand, and lifts it past the glove of Greiss
  • Pittsburgh Faults
    K. Letang – carries the puck into the left side of the Wild zone and partially fans on a backhanded pass as Brodin poke checks him, sending the puck directly to Suter for a turnover
    E. Malkin – is the last man back for the Penguins but gets caught in the offensive zone as he doesn’t read Niederreiter exiting the zone quickly and can’t catch up to him on the breakaway

4th Penguins Goal (Hornqvist), Even

  • Pittsburgh Contributions
    S. Crosby – steals a pass from Pominville with a stick lift in the corner of the Penguins zone and backhands the puck towards the blue line, where it bounces past Dumba and into the neutral zone
    P. Hornqvist – races to the loose puck along the right-side boards in the neutral zone, carries it to the right faceoff dot, and wrists it into an open net
  • Minnesota Faults
    J. Pominville – doesn’t fight to take a pass in the offensive zone and thus loses the puck to Crosby due to a stick lift

Click here for Penguins Season to Date (current) and Wild Season to Date (2 weeks behind)

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