10/18/14: Washington Capitals 2 Florida Panthers 1 (SO)

1st Capitals Goal (Chimera), Even

  • Washington Contributions
    M. Niskanen – gets the puck as it slides up to him at the right point and passes it to Orpik at the left point
    B. Orpik – passes the puck down the boards behind the net for Ward
    J. Ward – keeps the puck moving to Fehr in the right corner
    E. Fehr – looks up, sees Chimera by himself in the slot, and quickly makes a pass to him
    J. Chimera – makes a quick fake with his forehand, pulls the puck to his backhand, and lifts it over Montoya, who has no chance by himself
  • Florida Faults
    B. Campbell – moves the puck up the boards in his own zone to no one, so it ends up with Niskanen at the right point
    D. MacKenzie – gets caught following the puck as he leaves Chimera alone in front of the net to skate after Fehr in the corner

1st Panthers Goal (Boyes), Powerplay

  • Florida Contributions
    N. Bjugstad – wins a faceoff in the left circle of the Capitals zone back to Ekblad at the left point (cont.), gets the puck from Ekblad and tips it over to Boyes along the left-side boards
    A. Ekblad – moves the puck back down to Bjustad at the top of the faceoff circle (cont.), gets the puck from Boyes and passes it to Olsen at the top of the right faceoff circle
    B. Boyes – moves the puck up the boards back to Ekblad at the left point (cont.), skates to the front of the net as Bergenheim pokes the puck loose and then he shoots it past Peters before he can get across the crease
    D. Olsen – holds the puck and then decides to take a wrist shot to the net that creates a rebound with Bergenheim in front
    S. Bergenheim – tries to jam the rebound past Peters and can’t, then tips the puck over to the left side of the crease for Boyes
  • Washington Faults
    N. Schmidt – in the penalty box for high-sticking
    N. Backstrom – doesn’t rotate down towards the crease quickly enough when Olsen takes his shot, allowing Boyes to get to the crease for the loose puck untouched


Click here for Capitals Season to Date and Panthers Season to Date

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