10/17/14: Detroit Red Wings 4 Toronto Maple Leafs 1

1st Red Wings Goal (Franzen), Even

  • Detroit Contributions
    H. Zetterberg – picks up the puck behind Toronto’s net after Polak falls, skates it to the right corner of the zone, then centers it for Nyquist
    G. Nyquist – fans on the pass, allowing it to get to Franzen on the backside of the crease
    J. Franzen – redirects Zetterberg’s pass past Reimer before he can move across the crease
  • Toronto Faults
    R. Polak – tries to skate the puck behind his own net and loses an edge so he falls and gives the puck up to Zetterberg, then doesn’t tie up Franzen’s stick on the goal

2nd Red Wings Goal (Franzen), Even

  • Detroit Contributions
    N. Kronwall – gets the puck in the defensive zone and slides it across to Smith to start the breakout
    B. Smith – passes the puck up to Abdelkader at center ice
    J. Abdelkader – gets his stick on the pass and deflects it up into the air, eventually falling in the Maple Leafs zone right in front of Zetterberg
    H. Zetterberg – carries the puck down the right side, gets past Gardiner, cuts across the crease, and makes a pass behind him to Franzen at the edge of the left faceoff circle instead of shooting
    J. Franzen – immediately shoots the puck over Reimer, who is down after stretching across waiting for a Zetterberg shot
  • Toronto Faults
    J. Gardiner – loses his positioning on Zetterberg to give him an open alley to the net
    M. Santorelli – stops short of the play in the slot, leaving him too far away to cover Franzen getting the puck from Zetterberg


3rd Red Wings Goal (Nyquist), Even

  • Detroit Contributions
    J. Kindl – gets the puck in the defensive zone and makes a pass from the Red Wings blue line towards center ice that is deflected by Kadri, into the air, and in front of Zetterberg in the Maple Leafs zone again
    H. Zetterberg – gets to the puck at the right faceoff circle, pulls up at the bottom of the circle, then turns and centers the puck to Nyquist entering the slot
    G. Nyquist – kicks the puck up to his stick in the slot and then slides it under Reimer’s left pad as he’s trying to move from side to side
  • Toronto Faults
    N. Kadri – doesn’t stay with Nyquist after he deflects the puck at center ice, leaving him open to receive the pass in the slot

1st Maple Leafs Goal (Santorelli), Even

  • Toronto Contributions
    D. Phaneuf – knocks a puck loose from a four-player battle in the Maple Leafs zone up to Clarkson at the Maple Leafs blue line
    D. Clarkson – moves the puck to center ice for Santorelli
    M. Santorelli – can’t handle Clarkson’s pass but gets a stick on it so it slides to Komarov on his left (cont.), moves the puck to his backhand and lifts it over Howard’s right pad from the edge of the crease
    L. Komarov – carries the puck into the left side of the Red Wings zone as the Maple Leafs have a 3-on-2, then centers the puck for Santorelli in the slot
  • Detroit Faults
    J. Abdelkader – gets caught too deep in Toronto’s zone and can’t get back to cover his man for the 3-on-2 against
    N. Kronwall – never gets properly positioned for the 3-on-2 against and allows Santorelli to get to the slot/crease alone because he was focusing on Clarkson who had slowed down and stayed high in the zone

4th Red Wings Goal (Abdelkader), Even

  • Detroit Contributions
    H. Zetterberg – retrieves a loose puck at the right point in Toronto’s zone and backhands it in the air deeper in the zone
    G. Nyquist – gets the puck at the goal line to the right of the net after Phaneuf got a piece of it with his glove, then holds the puck at the bottom of the right faceoff circle as Abdelkader goes to the net and centers the puck for him
    J. Abdelkader – redirects Nyquist’s pass just inside the left post past Reimer
  • Toronto Faults
    C. Franson – doesn’t pay attention to Abdelkader skating into the slot behind him and doesn’t defend the pass to him at all

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