10/17/14: Anaheim Ducks 2 Minnesota Wild 1

1st Wild Goal (Zucker), Even

  • Minnesota Contributions
    K. Ballard – picks up the puck in his own end, skates it behind the Wild net, and then passes it to Carter starting to exit the zone
    R. Carter – moves the puck to Zucker along the left-side boards in the neutral zone
    J. Zucker – skates down the left-side boards into Anaheim’s zone as Stoner loses his balance and falls for a second, giving Zucker more space, then he takes a wrist shot from the left faceoff dot that beats Andersen’s glove
  • Anaheim Faults
    C. Stoner – stumbles at the Ducks blue line and falls to the ice for a second, giving Zucker more room to skate down into the zone for a shot
    F. Andersen – never gets set for Zucker’s shot and misses it with his glove as he’s sliding off of his angle

1st Ducks Goal (Cogliano), Shorthanded

  • Anaheim Contributions
    C. Fowler – gets Vanek’s chip-in along the boards and throws it back out of the zone
    D. Smith-Pelly – tips Fowler’s clear up the boards further to Cogliano racing out for a breakaway
    A. Cogliano – picks up the puck along the left-side boards on a breakaway, pulls the puck to the middle of the slot, and then lifts a backhander past Kuemper’s glove as he crosses in front
  • Minnesota Faults
    T. Vanek – tries to chip the puck along the right-side boards from the Ducks blue line and then skates away from the boards to the middle of the ice before anyone has control of it, abandoning his position as last man back for the Wild with no puck control, and also clips Parise on his way into the zone so Parise is off-balance and can’t get back either


2nd Ducks Goal (Perry), Even

  • Anaheim Contributions
    C. Perry – picks up a loose puck in the high slot of the Wild zone and takes a quick shot that Kuemper saves with a rebound (cont.), taps the puck into the net as Kuemper can’t recover
    N. Thompson – gets his stick on the rebound and knocks the puck to the left side of the crease where Perry is
  • Minnesota Faults
    J. Zucker – makes a bad centering pass in his own zone that goes off of a skate and ends up as turnover to Perry in the high slot

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