10/16/14: Ottawa Senators 5 Colorado Avalanche 3

1st Avalanche Goal (Tanguay), Even

  • Colorado Contributions
    D. Briere – steals the puck from Ryan and takes it back into the Senators zone along the left side boards
    N. MacKinnon – gets the puck on the outside of the left faceoff circle after it squirts free from Briere, then tries to cut to the middle and taps the puck to Tanguay just inside the left faceoff dot
    A. Tanguay – one-times the puck past Anderson’s glove from the left faceoff dot
  • Ottawa Faults
    B. Ryan – tries to carry the puck out of the Senators zone through the neutral zone and loses the puck to Briere in the neutral zone
    M. Zibanejad – leaves his coverage of Tanguay to pressure MacKinnon, but can’t stop the puck from getting to Tanguay for the one-timer goal

2nd Avalanche Goal (Mitchell), Shorthanded

  • Colorado Contributions
    J. Mitchell – intercepts the puck along the boards in the Avalanche zone, pushes it past Karlsson at the Avalanche blue line, skates through the neutral zone, enters the Senators zone on a breakaway from the right side, pulls the puck to the slot on his forehand, and slides it through Anderson’s legs as he opens up trying to move laterally
  • Ottawa Faults
    M. Stone – plays the puck weakly off of the boards on an attempted pass to Karlsson at the point, allowing Mitchell to steal the puck
    E. Karlsson – gets caught flat-footed as he tries to stop Mitchell at the point and then can’t catch up to him on the breakaway


1st Senators Goal (Smith), Even

  • Ottawa Contributions
    Z. Smith – wins a faceoff in the right circle of the Avalanche zone back to Lazar at the inside high edge of the circle (cont.), crashes the net and knocks the puck in after it falls behind Pickard
    C. Lazar – takes a quick wrist shot off of the faceoff that Pickard stops, but allows to roll into the air above and behind him
  • Colorado Faults
    C. Pickard – gives up a bad rebound on the original shot that goes over his shoulder into the crease behind him
    D. Everberg – fans on his attempt to clear the puck from the crease behind Pickard, allowing Smith knock it into the net

3rd Avalanche Goal (Landeskog), Powerplay

  • Colorado Contributions
    N. MacKinnon – gets a loose puck behind the Senators net and puts it up the left side boards to Johnson at the left point (cont.), gets the puck from Johnson and passes it to O’Reilly in the left corner of the zone (cont.), gets the puck from O’Reilly, skates to the top of the left faceoff circle as they rotate, and gives it back to O’Reilly in the corner (cont.), gets the puck at the left side of the net and then centers it into the slot for Landeskog
    E. Johnson – carries the puck to the middle of the blue line and then passes it back to MacKinnon above the left faceoff circle
    R. O’Reilly – skates to the top of the left faceoff circle and then passes the puck back to MacKinnon in the left corner (cont.), gets the puck from MacKinnon again and moves to the top of the left faceoff circle before passing it back to MacKinnon to the left of the net
    G. Landeskog – one-times MacKinnon’s pass off of the stick of Phillips and past Anderson’s glove
  • Ottawa Faults
    E. Gryba – in the penalty box for holding
    C. Phillips – tries to poke check MacKinnon instead of blocking the passing lane between MacKinnon and Landeskog, then deflects Landeskog’s shot past Anderson

2nd Senators Goal (Legwand), Powerplay

  • Ottawa Contributions
    M. Stone – pulls the puck out of a scrum in the left corner of the Avalanche zone and passes it back to Turris at the left point
    K. Turris – moves the puck to Karlsson at the right point
    E. Karlsson – moves the puck forward to the top of the right circle and takes a snapshot on net that Pickard can’t handle with his glove, deflecting it off of his own chest and to the right side of the crease
    D. Legwand – shoots the loose puck in the crease into the net
  • Colorado Faults
    N. Guenin – in the penalty box for delay of game
    B. Stuart – gets to the puck first in the left corner of the Avalanche zone, but doesn’t play it before a scrum ensues and he loses the puck
    C. Pickard – can’t glove Karlsson’s shot, deflecting the puck into himself and then to the right side of the crease to Legwand for the goal

3rd Senators Goal (Ryan), Even

  • Ottawa Contributions
    C. Phillips – causes a turnover when he stand Johnson up at the Senators blue line, forcing the loose puck to Ceci
    C. Ceci – carries the puck through the neutral zone into the Avalanche zone and passes it to Ryan on his left
    B. Ryan – pulls up at the top of the left faceoff circle and fires a wrist shot through Pickard’s five-hole
  • Colorado Faults
    E. Johnson – tries to skate the puck into the Senators zone and gets stood up by Phillips, leading to a turnover

4th Senators Goal (MacArthur), Even

  • Ottawa Contributions
    M. Stone – steals the puck from Iginla in the neutral zone, carries it through Holden in the offensive zone, and gets it to the right corner of the Avalanche zone, then centers the puck for MacArthur
    C. MacArthur – redirects Stone’s pass on net through Pickard’s five-hole
  • Colorado Faults
    J. Iginla – tries to get control of the puck with one hand on his stick in the neutral zone and promptly has it stolen by Stone
    N. Holden – gets beat high in the defensive zone by Stone and can’t pressure him in the corner to prevent the pass

5th Senators Goal (Neil), Even

  • Ottawa Contributions
    D. Legwand – gets the puck in the neutral zone as McGinn makes an errant pass, then passes it up the boards to Neil outside of the Avalanche blue line
    C. Neil – turns and fires the puck into the empty net from the neutral zone
  • Colorado Faults
    J. McGinn – gives the puck away to Legwand in the neutral zone on a bad pass

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