10/15/14: Calgary Flames 2 Chicago Blackhawks 1 (OT)

1st Flames Goal (Wideman), Even

  • Calgary Contributions
    J. Colborne – wins a faceoff in the right circle in the Blackhawks zone back to Wideman at the right point
    D. Wideman – one-times the puck and it goes off of van Riemsdyk’s stick, through Crawford’s five-hole, and into the net
  • Chicago Faults
    T. van Riemsdyk – deflects Wideman’s shot through Crawford’s five-hole

1st Blackhawks Goal (Shaw), Powerplay

  • Chicago Contributions
    J. Toews – wins a faceoff in the right circle of the Flames zone to the right-side boards (cont.), gets the puck from Kane and then passes it up to Sharp at the right point
    P. Kane – gets the puck and passes it back to Sharp at the right point (cont.), gets the puck from Sharp and passes it down to Toews below the goal line to the right of the net
    P. Sharp – returns the puck to Kane halfway down the right-side boards (Cont.), one-times the pass from Toews to the net
    A. Shaw – deflects the puck in the air past Hiller’s glove
  • Calgary Faults
    D. Wideman – in the penalty box for hooking


2nd Flames Goal (Backlund), Even

  • Calgary Contributions
    M. Backlund – blocks Hossa’s pass in the defensive zone and knocks the puck to Russell (cont.), gets the puck from Brodie at center ice, carries it into the Blackhawks zone, and shoots a wrister from above the left faceoff circle past Crawford’s glove
    K. Russell – plays the puck behind the Flames net to Brodie
    T. Brodie – carries the puck up the right side to center ice and then passes it to the left for Backlund
  • Chicago Faults
    M. Hossa – tries to make a pass when he crosses into the Flames zone and has it blocked by Backlund, turning it over to Russell
    B. Seabrook – gets caught way too deep in the Blackhawks zone so he can’t step up and defend Backlund entering the zone freely

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