10/14/14: Buffalo Sabres 4 Carolina Hurricanes 3 (SO)

1st Sabres Goal (Foligno), Even

  • Buffalo Contributions
    T. Strachan – gets the puck when Sekera loses it, then passes it up to Stewart in the neutral zone
    C. Stewart – carries the puck through the neutral zone and into the Hurricanes zone with Foligno on his left on a 2-on-1, fakes a shot to draw the stick of Faulk, then passes the puck to the left for Foligno
    M. Foligno – gets the puck at the inside of the left faceoff circle, waits til Ward goes down, and then shoots the puck over him
  • Carolina Faults
    A. Sekera – tries to carry the puck into the slot in the Sabres zone and loses his balance, causing him to fall and push the puck directly to Strachan, who sends the Sabres up the ice on an odd-man break since Sekera isn’t back there to cover

1st Hurricanes Goal (Nash), Even

  • Carolina Contributions
    J. Harrison – gets the puck that Enroth played up the boards in the Sabres zone and quickly fires it on net, where Enroth saves it but produces a rebound
    R. Nash – shoots the rebound right past Enroth’s glove
  • Buffalo Faults
    J. Enroth – stops a puck behind his net and plays it up the boards to no one, which becomes a turnover to Harrison, then can’t control his rebound as he is trying to get back in net for Harrison’s shot so it goes right to Nash in front
    M. Foligno – lets Nash skate right past him to the front of the net to pounce on the rebound and score


2nd Sabres Goal (Mitchell), Even

  • Buffalo Contributions
    B. Gionta – blocks Brown’s attempt to clear the puck out of the zone at the blue line, then passes the puck to Mitchell at the high outside corner of the left faceoff circle
    T. Mitchell – one-times the puck past Ward’s glove
  • Carolina Faults
    P. Brown – tries to a chip a puck out of the Hurricanes zone but hits Gionta with it at the blue line, so it stays in the zone
    C. Ward – overplays the angle on Mitchell’s shot, causing him to miss the puck

3rd Sabres Goal (Foligno), Even

  • Buffalo Contributions
    C. Hodgson – picks up the loose puck in the neutral zone along the right side boards and passes it to Foligno two feet to his left entering the Hurricanes zone
    M. Foligno – carries the puck to the high slot, uses Murphy as a screen, the takes a wrist shot through Murphy’s legs that beats Ward’s blocker
  • Carolina Faults
    R. Murphy – makes a bad breakout pass from the corner of the defensive zone that goes behind Semin in the neutral zone, which leads to a turnover to Hodgson in the neutral zone; then screens Ward and doesn’t step up on Foligno as he takes his shot

2nd Hurricanes Goal (Terry), Even

  • Carolina Contributions
    Z. Boychuk – gets a puck in the right corner of the Sabres zone despite Buffalo winning the faceoff there, then turns abruptly in the corner and passes the puck to Terry skating to the slot
    C. Terry – quickly shoots the puck past Enroth’s glove
  • Buffalo Faults
    T. Strachan – gets beat to a Sabres faceoff win in the corner by Boychuk, then loses his balance in the corner so Boychuk can turn away from him and make the pass to Terry
    M. Weber – is slow to cover Terry going to the net and allows him to get the shot off

3rd Hurricanes Goal (Boychuk), Even

  • Carolina Contributions
    C. Terry – gets a loose puck behind the Sabres net after Enroth made a glove save, then quickly feeds the puck into the slot
    Z. Boychuk – one-times the puck past Enroth’s blocker from the slot
  • Buffalo Faults
    T. Mitchell – just left the penalty box and isn’t back in the play yet, so Carolina is in a 5-on-4 situation
    J. Gorges – moves to pressure Terry behind the net despite the fact that Myers is already doing that, which leaves two Hurricanes wide open in front of the net

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