10/13/14: Colorado Avalanche 2 Boston Bruins 1

1st Avalanche Goal (McGinn), Even

  • Colorado Contributions
    T. Barrie – pinches down the right side boards in the Bruins zone and prevents Paille from playing the puck as he loses it in his skates
    J. McGinn – takes the puck from Paille, skates below the right faceoff dot, and shoots a wrister
  • Boston Faults
    D. Paille – gets to a loose puck in the right corner of the Bruins zone, but loses it when Barrie pinches down
    N. Svedberg – doesn’t square up to the shot or against the post, letting the puck sneak through on a bad angle shot

1st Bruins Goal (Eriksson), Powerplay

  • Boston Contributions
    R. Smith – gets a rebound in the left corner of the Bruins zone and passes it back to Bergeron at the left point (cont.), gets the puck from Bergeron and takes a shot towards the net that hits Soderberg
    P. Bergeron – skates to the top of the zone and passes the puck back to Smith at the top of the left faceoff circle
    C. Soderberg – knocks the puck down in front of the crease and backhands it through the slot to Eriksson
    L. Eriksson – gets the puck from Soderberg in front, pulls it to his backhand, and throws it over Berra, who is stretched out on the ice
  • Colorado Faults
    J. Hejda – doesn’t serve the too many men penalty, but came onto the ice too early during a chance which led to the penalty; also fails to play the puck off of Soderberg and leaves Eriksson open to get the puck for the goal (marked as PK fault)


2nd Avalanche Goal (Briere), Even

  • Colorado Contributions
    D. Briere – prevents Bergeron from chipping the puck behind the net, causing the puck to bounce to MacKinnon in the left corner of the Bruins zone (cont.), tips Hejda’s shot in front so it bounces into Svedberg and produces a rebound, then gets his own rebound and throws it past Svedberg before he can recover just before the clock expires
    N. MacKinnon – skates through the left corner and up the boards before passing to Hejda at the left point
    J. Hejda – takes a quick wrist shot on net
  • Boston Faults
    P. Bergeron – gets a loose puck behind the goal line in the Bruins zone, but throws it into Briere, which leads to the Avalanche getting control of the puck
    D. Seidenberg – sees Briere in front of the net by himself before Hejda shoots, but doesn’t skate to him and just stands next to the net, too far away to stop Briere

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