10/12/14: Los Angeles Kings 4 Winnipeg Jets 1

1st Kings Goal (Toffoli), Even

  • Los Angeles Contributions
    B. McNabb – retrieves a puck along the boards in the Kings zone and passes it up to Jordan Nolan entering the left side of the Jets zone
    J. Nolan – carries the puck down to the outside edge of the left faceoff circle and pulls up against the boards, then passes the puck to Doughty entering the zone at the left point
    D. Doughty – gets the puck and passes it to Carter at the right faceoff dot (cont.), gets Carter’s rebound and tries to shoot it in the net but it hits bodies and trickles just outside the left post
    J. Carter – takes the puck towards the net, pulls it to his backhand in front of the crease, and tries to stuff it in, but the puck is kicked out on the crease
    T. Toffoli – gets the puck below the goal line next to the post, pulls it above the goal line to his forehand, and fires it into the net
  • Winnipeg Faults
    B. Little – doesn’t track Carter coming into the zone, leaving him wide open with a lane to the net
    J. Trouba – misses the puck as it goes by the left post and then can’t stop Toffoli from bringing it into a shooting position and scoring

2nd Kings Goal (Kopitar), Even

  • Los Angeles Contributions
    M. Gaborik – pokes a puck loose to Williams in a four-player battle in the right corner of the Jets zone (cont.), gets to Doughty’s rebound in front and taps it across the slot to Kopitar
    J. Williams – keeps the puck moving up the boards to Doughty at the right point
    D. Doughty – takes a stride in and fires a wrist shot on net that creates a rebound
    A. Kopitar – takes the rebound to his left and fires it past Hutchinson
  • Winnipeg Faults
    B. Little – doesn’t lift Gaborik’s stick to prevent him from passing the rebound to Kopitar
    Z. Bogosian – loses positioning on Kopitar and doesn’t tie him up as he gets the loose puck and scores


3rd Kings Goal (Pearson), Even

  • Los Angeles Contributions
    T. Pearson – picks up the puck that Trouba sent to him in the neutral zone, skates it into the left side of the offensive zone, and fires a wrist shot that Hutchinson gets a piece of but it rolls through his five-hole and in
  • Winnipeg Faults
    J. Trouba – tries to play a puck down the boards in the neutral zone, but passes it right to Pearson
    M. Hutchinson – does everything properly to make the stop but just doesn’t come up with it cleanly so it trickles in

4th Kings Goal (Carter), Even

  • Los Angeles Contributions
    A. Martinez – pokes the puck away from Galiardi on his zone entry and gets the puck to Pearson in the neutral zone
    T. Pearson – passes the puck to center ice for Carter
    J. Carter – just lifts the puck at center ice so it continues on to Toffoli entering the right side of the Jets zone by himself (cont.), follows Toffoli to the net and shoots the rebound past Pavelec
    T. Toffoli – takes the puck in on a breakaway and takes a shot that is stopped and produces a rebound
  • Winnipeg Faults
    T. Galiardi – enters the right side of the Kings zone with the puck but loses it to Martinez
    A. Pardy – reaches out to poke the puck from Carter at center ice but doesn’t get the puck, which leaves him out of position as both Toffoli and Carter rush into the zone

1st Jets Goal (Little), Even

  • Winnipeg Contributions
    T. Enstrom – chases a puck around the boards from a wide shot by Gaborik in the Jets zone and pushes the puck in the neutral zone to Frolik skating up the boards
    M. Frolik – takes the puck into the left side of the Kings zone, cuts across the middle to the right faceoff dot and takes a backhander that produces a rebound out to the left faceoff circle
    B. Little – one-times the rebound past Quick before he can react to the shot
  • Los Angeles Faults
    A. Kopitar – watches the puck with Frolik the whole play instead of watching/covering Little, so he is unable to hinder Little or play the rebound

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