10/11/14: Nashville Predators 4 Dallas Stars 1

1st Stars Goal (Roussel), Even

  • Dallas Contributions
    R. Garbutt – picks up the puck after Neal fans on it, then passes it down towards the slot
    T. Daley – redirects the pass in the slot to Roussel just below the right faceoff dot
    A. Roussel – tries to center the puck and it goes off of the skate of Ellis and past Rinne’s right pad
  • Nashville Faults
    J. Neal – fans on pass in his own zone, turning the puck over to Garbutt
    R. Ellis – deflects the puck into the net with his left skate

1st Predators Goal (Weber), Even

  • Nashville Contributions
    F. Forsberg – picks up a bouncing puck off of a faceoff in the Stars zone and passes it back to Weber at the right point
    S. Weber – throws a wrist shot to the net that Lindback doesn’t see in time and it sneaks through him
    D. Roy – skates in front of Lindback as Weber takes the shot, screening him perfectly
  • Dallas Faults
    None – It was a low percentage shot and a very nicely-timed scren


2nd Predators Goal (Gaustad), Even

  • Nashville Contributions
    R. Josi – poke checks a loose puck at the left point and it bounces to the right side boards
    E. Nystrom – gets to the puck against the boards first and pokes it down to the right corner
    P. Gaustad – pushes the puck behind the net (cont.), gets the puck from Beck, pulls it to the front of the net as Lindback goes down, and reaches across him to slide the puck past his left pad
    T. Beck – chases the puck down behind the net and then moves it back to Gaustad behind the right side of the net
  • Dallas Faults
    T. Seguin – leaves his coverage of Gaustad to chase Beck, even though a man was already on him
    A. Goligoski – drifts too far away from the front of the net, leaving Gaustad too much space to work with

3rd Predators Goal (Nystrom), Even

  • Nashville Contributions
    P. Gaustad – steals the puck along the boards from Daley and skates through the neutral zone on a 2-on-1 with Nystrom to his right, then passes the puck to Nystrom as they enter the Stars zone
    E. Nystrom – carries the puck to the right faceoff dot and then backhands the puck past Lindback’s glove
  • Dallas Faults
    T. Daley – can’t play a loose puck deeper into the Predators zone, and then gets trapped along the boards so he can’t follow the Predators rush the other way

4th Predators Goal (Josi), Even

  • Nashville Contributions
    S. Weber – gets a loose puck in a battle of seven players in the Predators zone and taps it to Nystrom in the middle of the defensive zone
    E. Nystrom – skates the puck forward a few feet and taps it to the left for Josi in the defensive zone
    R. Josi – shoots the puck from his own blue line and hits the empty net
  • Dallas Faults
    None – there was no defense to the play

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